Born in 1971, one of Bong Redila's earliest memories as an artist is the
day around mid 70's in the Philippines when he and his older brother were being
punished for using their aunt's lipstick as a medium to draw cartoon characters on their parents bedroom wall.

By the early 90's they moved to the beautiful island of Guam and spent the rest of his teen years mentoring with some of the finest artists in the Marianas - Christian Mahilum, Arman Germar, Boi Sibug, Jon Medina. He then went on to become the first youngest member of the artists organization The Saturday Group of Guam. Joined numerous group exhibits and later on opened his very own art exhibit called Stages.

Now living in Miami, Florida, with his beautiful and supportive wife, Arceli and their ever so charming daughter, Oneng, Bong is still a regular contributing artist for Guam's newspaper Mabuhay News. Aside from his monthly editorial cartoons he is the author and creator of the long-running comic strip "Bayani Cafe".

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